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Finally, Peace of Mind.

At Active Life, we believe aligning our world-class support with your personal commitment will empower you to fully experience a fulfilling, active life.

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Active Life

How do I know if Active Life is right for me?

We are probably a good fit for you if any of these are true:

  • You don’t know where to start
  • You’re afraid of getting hurt
  • You want to be a better example for your kids
  • You always need the outlier services
  • Trainers and coaches can’t relate to your needs
  • You want more
  • Healthcare has no answers for you
  • You feel overlooked by the fitness industry
  • You feel like you’re always told what to do and never taught how to do it yourself
  • You’ve been prioritizing everything else in your life before yourself
  • You’ve tried all of the quick fixes and none of them have worked
  • You’re still paying for a gym membership that you quit using 6 months ago
  • You’re tired of “working around it”
  • You are overwhelmed

What can I expect at Active Life?

We pair simple-to-understand education and personalized exercise plans with professional mentorship that meets you where you are and compels you to believe in yourself, consistently.

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Active Life

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Active Life

What is it like being a client at Active Life?

Before we enroll anyone, we do a consultation. We are extremely invested in helping our clients reach their goals, so we only let people join if we are confident we can help them.

We have 2 options for you to learn if Active Life is the right fit to help you:

Option 1 - Book a Discovery Call to learn more about Active Life

Option 2- Book an in person Consultation to see if Active Life is right for me

If we agree that we are the perfect fit to help you reach your goals, then your journey with us begins.

Journey To Reclaim Your Active Life

The Active Life Journey consists of four phases: Assess, Acclimate, Ascend, and Reclaim.

Active Life

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How is Active Life different?

Active Life is unlike anything that currently exists in the health and fitness space because of our fully personalized client-centric approach including the use of mentorship and educational tools others overlook

What you may have experienced that Active Life ABSOLUTELY is not:

  • A space to get super fit, super fast 
  • A space to tighten your glutes, get a 6 pack, or lift big weights every day
  • A space to come in and shut your brain off for an hour
  • A fun group class where everyone is doing a version of the same thing
  • Loud music, Olympic weightlifting, and a cheerleader coach telling you to move faster
  • A space where you spend 2-3 hours a day training
  • A space where you figure it out on your own

At Active Life we believe:

  • Physical freedom is more important than physical aesthetics
  • Freedom of time is more important than time spent on-site
  • Life experiences take precedence over gym experiences
  • The culture of the business is what attracts clients, not individual community members
  • Cleanliness and presentation matter, not square footage and ceiling height
  • Simplicity in method and results matters, not elaborate and complicated workouts
  • High-touch coaching and accountability guide client choices within the gym
  • Your desired results are worth your investment
  • Effectiveness overshadows fun

Active Life Core Values

At Active Life we believe that pairing world class support and personal commitment is the best way to help you live a life of physical freedom and positive social influence.

World Class Support

Custom education and exercise paired with reliable mentorship that meets you where you are and compels you to believe in yourself, consistently.

Personal Commitment

A promise that you’ve made to yourself and the action required to keep it.

Physical Freedom

The ability to say yes to any physical experience of interest.

Positive Social Influence

A positive change in an individual’s thoughts, feelings, or behaviors caused by others.

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