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Ignite is the ultimate add-on for Spark. It unlocks features, content, coaching, and more all designed for one thing: unstoppable rapid growth.

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“Our revenue went from $30k/mo to $80k/mo… during COVID. Thanks to Ignite.”
School Owner

What’s included in Ignite?
A lot. A whole lot.

The Follow Up Machine

9+ layers of automated follow up to convert leads into appointments… appointments into trials… trials into members… and members into
reviews & referrals.

Ignite also follows up with your no shows to get them to re-schedule.
It takes away ALL of the pain in the butt follow up that you and your team dread.

Plus: Bonus follow up sequences for Birthdays, Surveys, and more.

Free: Ignite Pro Website. ($399/mo value)

“Free” used to be a dirty word. Not any more. This thing is a powerhouse, and worth more than the price of Ignite itself. So why is it free?
Because we want to stack the deck in your favor and help you grow. And a powerful website is key for that.

“January 2020 — BEFORE covid — I got 20 leads from my Market Muscles website. January 2021,
I got 137 leads from my Ignite Pro Website.
The difference is clear.”

– Grandmaster Cheong Park

“I was ranking well before my Ignite website, but now… I dominate my local area! Thank you Ignite!”

We’ve Got You Covered for Digital Marketing!

Facebook Ads so good they should be illegal.

“I never got Facebook to work before this” is something we hear all the time. Our Ignite ads are written by true pros with millions of dollars of experience in running Facebook ads. Simply put: they work.

Monthly email + SMS campaigns that convert leads into trials.

Your database is a gold mine. Don’t let it go to waste! 
Copy, paste, deploy, convert. It’s that simple.

That’s not all...

  • Endless Referrals Toolkit
  • Ultimate Review Bundle
  • Branding Masterclass
  • Birthday Party Mega Pack
  • Done for you Checkout pages
  • Monthly Social Media copy & graphics
  • Design Vault – everything you could ever need
  • Heaps of Martial Arts Business Playbooks
  • Weekly live Ignite Training
  • Weekly Business Coaching Webinars
  • And more being released monthly

Ignite Members Speak Out

Forest West
Forest West
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So much better than my old company.Spark staff is always friendly and helpful. This company is top notch.
Lorenzo Sandoval
Lorenzo Sandoval
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One of the best software's I have ever used. I have used about 4 software companies, Ron Sell and GM Park really know their stuff. I have literately tripled my income just on their automated systems. Plus they have a great support staff!
Alana Johnson
Alana Johnson
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Spark is helping me take my schools to the next level with customer service abilities and streamlining business things like billing and rank promotions. It's really awesome to use such comprehensive software made by martial artists for martial artists!
Raymond Ahles
Raymond Ahles
Read More
We’ve been around for over 26 years and until Spark Minds came along we always had issues. In our case it was because we tend to do things a bit differently and need a lot of customization. Spark was the answer and it just keeps improving. They don’t rest and support is unlike anything we’ve seen before. I give Spark, Master Ron Sell, GM Park and the whole team my highest recommendation.
Jeremy Talbott
Jeremy Talbott
Read More
I have dealt with several software companies and none have compared to the great customer service and general user friendliness that Spark provides. Mst Ron Sell and Mst. Cheong Park are invested in YOUR success as a school owner, because they know if you are successful with their tool then they will be successful as a company. They are constantly innovating their technology in order to provide the best service possible. I can't recommend this software enough.
Carson Clews
Carson Clews
Read More
Spark Minds is the BEST software I have used so far. It uplevels everything the old softwares I used have, and added more features, while making them SIMPLE and STREAMLINED! Thank you!!!
Ross Antisdel
Ross Antisdel
Read More
Easily the best software I have used in my 30 years running a school. Hands down!
Mike Nebgen
Mike Nebgen
Read More
So much better than my old company.Spark staff is always friendly and helpful. This company is top notch.Spark has broken the mold for MA software. I have been open for 23 years, had over 500 active students, and worked in the MA industry for over 30 years. it is the best software I have used.. Full Stop.

Is Ignite right for you?

Let’s find out. Hop on a quick friendly chat so we can learn more about you and your school and see if Ignite is what you need. It’s not for everyone, and if it’s not for you, we’ll let you know.






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